About the Schipani Group

Praise for Frank’s Sales Training Workshops

“Frank’s ability to bring passion and practical skills to the relationship-building process has greatly benefited our associates and our business. We love Frank, and wish we could have him on our payroll.”
—Cody Kondo, Group SVP and GMM, Jewelry, Woman’s Shoes and Accessories, Saks Fifth Avenue

“Frank Schipani brings a passion to the selling process that enhances our sales associates’ ability to build strong client relationships. He has demonstrated a format that has maximized client visits by encouraging a higher degree of professionalism, competence and passion on our sales floor.”
—Wally Naymon, Principal, Kilgore Trout (Chagrin Falls, OH)

“Frank—I have been speaking to David Fisher about your excellent training and he and his team want to support these efforts. We all feel the benefits of this enhanced training. Please know that it is in the merchants’ hands to work out any and all training strategies, and I will support their plans. Thanks so much!”
—Julie Greiner, Senior EVP, Director of Stores, Bloomingdale’s (New York)

“Thank you for the article on selling skills. It seems so natural to follow your steps; unfortunately many are not comfortable with the process. I shared your article with our retail sellers in hopes that they can increase our business. I look forward to having you work with our sellers in the upcoming season. Your talent is very appreciated.”
—Paulette Garafalo, Group President & CEO, Hickey Freeman (New York)

“When you take intelligent people and get them to think and plan before they act, then you get successful operational results. The success of Hugo Boss has many facets, and Frank Schipani’s sales training is a key element in that success.”
—David Pergola, Senior Vice President Sales, Hugo Boss USA (New York)

“I have known Frank for years, and have always known him to be one of the best ‘natural born’ sellers in the country. He has now bottled his natural abilities with a thoughtful, organized, powerful presentation that works for any selling organization. Our men’s and ladies’ sales associates were amazed at his ability to relay his concepts of selling, communication and the art of the ‘close.’ You could have heard a pin drop.”
—Craig Andrisen, Principal, Andrisen-Morton (Denver, Colorado)

“Your passion for the business is obvious and your effect on people is always positive. You deliver your thoughts and ideas in such a way that is always seems new and exciting again. I hope you can visit us on an ongoing basis as your training has such a positive effect on our business.”
—Norman Vosko, President, FashionWorks Inc., Owner/Operator, BOSS Hugo Boss Shops

“You are a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. I remember the training you gave me when we first met in March 2000. I will never forget the information I received. It is a large part of why I was so successful as a Boss selling specialist.”
—Omar Jarallah, Sales Professional, Macy’s West (San Francisco)

“We have had a lot of interesting Managers Meetings, but never—and I mean never—have I seen a standing ovation like the one that you received yesterday. By the third day of meetings, everyone is usually tired, but you quickly ‘adrenalized’ the group and brought them to their feet! Most exciting was the fact that, after the applause and laughter subsided, I have already heard from several managers about the ideas, the spirit, and the ‘soul’ you gave them to think about and bring back to their stores.”
—Lynda Abdoo, Senior Vice President for Retail, Ferragamo USA