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How to Sell Menswear (and Practically Anything Else) Extremely Well

franksrulescover2Frank’s Rules will make your life in sales easier and more prosperous in income. The anecdotal stories are rich, colorful, and applicable to living and working successfully.

The underlying principles of the book, although originating from Frank’s menswear experience, apply to being professionally prepared for whatever you do. After all, you are selling all the time—you sell your lover on having a lasting relationship; you sell your children on getting good grades, not doing drugs, being good citizens and having good values. You sell your company on viewing you as a tangible asset to their business. You even sell the waiter on giving you a choice table. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you are selling as long as you are ‘living’ in this world!

Frank’s Rules are meant to be ‘broken’—that is, the reader takes the information and utilizes it in his or her own unique way, to the ultimate best of their ability. That means learn more and earn more!

Frank writes with a voice that resonates with his selling presentation audiences, because he brings a sense of passion and joy, coupled with the serious aim of making one’s sales life easier with practical applications. Did you ever notice how the successful people seem happier than the bottom crowd who often complain about their work?

“In retail and wholesale, I have spent a lifetime hearing the winners and the whiners. Believe me, the winners just did their preparation and stayed on point even in difficult times, while the whiners just wallowed in their unprepared, pass-the-blame world.”
—Frank Schipani

As the late, great comic George Carlin advised, “Stay away from the whiners. They only take you down.”

Advance Praise for Frank’s Rules:
“Read through your manuscript tonight. Very good!!! It reads like I hear you telling me the stories! I have ‘heard’ the whole book over the last couple of years from your presentations with Saks and think it is a great ‘must have’ for all sales individuals especially in the men’s arena. It is the most complete list of tried and true techniques anyplace……I will work on a program for spring!”
—Tom Ott, SVP and GMM, Men’s Home-Food-Gifts, Saks Fifth Avenue

“Sound advice and said clearly with actionable steps. I love your stories. I wish like Eddie (Ed Glantz, the former CEO of Giorgio Armani Collezioni USA) I could solve my problem by loosening my belt! Good luck Frank and warmest wishes for a happy and healthy 2009.”
—Michael Gould, Chairman and CEO, Bloomingdales

“Really liked it a lot. Your book is a great, easy-to-read learning tool that is right on the money. It contains all that I would like it to contain—as you say, it’s more service to sell, and not just the simple nitty-gritty of ‘how to’ sell that you have shared. In summary, a good, solid job—should serve you well in your training program.”
—Jack Mitchell, CEO, Mitchell’s/Richards (Westport/Greenwich, CT) and Mitchell’s/Marsh’s (New York) and best selling author of Hug Your Customers and Hug Your People.

“At Brooks Brothers, we believe that relationships are the foundation upon which any successful business is built. Having read your manuscript, it is obvious that your accomplishments stand as a testament to that principle. I wish you all the best as you tackle the publishing world, and hope to hear of your continued success.”
—Claudio Del Vecchio, Chairman and CEO, Brooks Brothers

“Were any retail executive, from management on down, to put Frank’s eminently practical sales guidance into everyday practice, the fortunes of his or her store would have no direction to go but up. Like a fine restaurant, no matter how great the merchandise, if the service disappoints, customers will move on. With retail profits squeezed, and veterans either retiring or being replaced by more youthful and cost-efficient selling staffs, sales training and service are the first to suffer. Frank has crafted a reader-friendly bulwark against further deterioration of the retail experience for both sellers and ultimately, the customer… and not a moment too soon.”
—Alan Flusser, President of Alan Flusser Designs, and award-winning author known for his contributions to the literature of menswear

“Pearls of wisdom on every page. Whether you are a retailer, salesperson, or if you just have a love of clothing, this is a must-read.”
—Ken Gushner, Boyds of Philadelphia

“The book is titled How to Sell Menswear. However, in my opinion, your book has a greater lesson in store for whomever reads it: about the passion and commitment necessary in a persons’ life to be a success at whatever profession they choose, or even in their personal relationships. Frank, thank you so very much for sharing your book with me; I thoroughly enjoyed it. You are a true gentleman, and I appreciate the commitment you made to put down in words what it means to be the true professional that you are.”
—Vincent Ottomanelli, President, Regional Director, Salvatore Ferragamo, USA

“A valuable tool for training in the format of a one-man Broadway show that covers virtually every aspect of successful retailing, and the skills you and your people need on the floor. It holds your attention, like Frank always does!”
—Dana Katz, Miltons, The Store for Men

“In a world of selling stars, you are a supernova! The book should be entitled Moving the Freight. It makes GQ work. Love it!”
—Peter King Hunsinger, Vice President and Publisher, GQ Magazine

“Frank, thank you for sharing your book with me. Your insight and stories are very rich with valuable lessons for us all!”
—Mark Brashear, Chairman and CEO for the Americas, Hugo Boss

“I can tell you that I had fallen into the bad habit of talking about “service” and not “selling” with our sales professionals, and you rightly put the accent back where it belongs. As someone whose background is mostly women’s merchandise, I can tell you that your book is absolutely as relevant to the world of women as it is of men. It is not hard to see why you are known as the ‘sales trainer extraordinaire,’ and—with all due respect to ‘Frankie Maldonado’—you are forever now also “Frankie the Book!”
—Lynda Abdoo, Luxury Fashion Consultant