About the Schipani Group

Frank Schipani is the former Head of Sales Training for the Hugo Boss/USA fashion company. He began his training career in a previous role for Giorgio Armani Collezioni as the Director of Retail Development. In both roles, he trained company associates on all products and the art of selling presentations, and conducted meaningful workshops for major stores nationwide. A workshop, in his sensibility, is where all attendees in a room share and learn in an easy, educational environment that is entertaining. He believes that people learn best while having some fun.

A Video Interview with Frank Schipani

Frank Schipani is widely endorsed by such stores as Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Salvatore Ferragamo, Cole-Haan, Bloomingdales and top independent stores across the country. He is a published author of many trade articles and has recently published his first book on professional selling, Frank’s Rules. This book communicates unlike other ‘sales’ books, in that Frank places himself right on the selling floor with the seller. It shares techniques and formulas which allow the reader to take away ideas and put them to use the very day they read the book.

“You will feel his passion, which runs very deep, for professional selling and not just providing service!’”

Frank lives in Stamford, Connecticut, with his wife Karen and family. He is equally passionate about his cooking and photography as he is about fashion. Some years back, Frank taught Modern Italian Cooking at several top cooking schools in Connecticut. He now photographs all of his prepared dishes, and is building a culinary history and library of recipes for a future book.