Professional Wholesale Selling Workshops

High Performance Account Executives
The Schipani Group works closely with senior management, their vice presidents, and managers, along with account executives and all support staff. Frank knows how to set up a line presentation, merchandise it if required and demonstrate the importance of presentation. There is emphasis on appearance and of course selling the collection with intelligence and satisfaction for the client and your boss! The showroom, in Frank’s words, is your home, and you are entertaining the buyers and planners in your controlled environment. He shares the value and method of knowing before they come to buy how much you can sell them. This is because you know all about their business months in advance of a buying appointment. You know about the competition that did poorly, so maybe you have an opportunity for growth. Too many companies have been selling on their brand, and now need to have highly skilled people selling their assets.

How to Conduct a Proper Workshop
Vendors spend too much time on describing their product, instead of doing that in conjunction with demonstrating ‘how to sell’ the product effectively. There is a lot of room for creativity here, as salspeople are often inundated each season with vendor meetings which require that they come in an hour earlier, and in most cases they are not compensated for this time. So, they need to have some fun, be “enter-trained” (yes that’s a made up word from a dear friend) and learn how to move the product, and not just describe its features. That, most often, is just plain boring. “Enter-training” is a lesson in public speaking, and giving people an opportunity to feel good, share their ideas and learn at the same time.

Making an Executive Store Visit when Traveling
This is a most critical act to sustain in any sales organization when sales representatives, and even sales managers, travel to the clients door(s). An executive visit insures client partnering and demonstrates greater care than those who just visit their respective ‘area’ and its inhabitants, say hello, buy coffee and move on to the next customer. Spend quality time from the top down and your business will be better. This course also works on time- and money-managing, especially at this economic juncture.