About the Schipani Group

The Schipani Group is a professional sales training and consulting organization. The Schipani Group is well-versed on all aspects of tailored clothing, sportswear, furnishings, and manufacturing—including construction, costs, fabric and design.

We help both retail and wholesale companies to teach product knowledge among their sales teams and hone selling skills.

  • » Excel in product knowledge on all aspects of tailored components, sportswear, furnishings, construction, fabric, design and costs involved in production.
  • » Sharpen professional selling skills, including “Dressing the Part,” Seasonal Preparation, Customer-centric Selling, Follow-Through, Timing and Action, and Events.
  • » Methodize impactful effective seminars and workshops for Account Executives.
  • » Develop Retail Coordinator Programs.
  • » Maximize the role of Designated Sales Associates (DSAs).
  • » Develop GMM involvement in sales growth.
  • » Conduct corporate workshops to teach the “Art of Dressing”
  • » Instill passion in your people, and profits in your bottom line.