Training & Workshops

High Performance Retail Selling:
This program is designed on sound, proven principles, and can be customized for a client’s specific needs. There are specific steps to successful selling that can take as much time as required by the client, and cover:
1. Knowing your Products
2. Looking the Part
3. Engaging the Client
4. Qualifying the Client
5. Relationship/Selling the Client
6. Follow through/Client Retention

This program can be one hour, or a full day when training all sales personnel for a new store opening. Frank has conducted full day workshops for all of Bloomingdale’s new store openings in San Francisco, San Diego, South Coast Plaza and Chevy Chase.

Train the Trainer for Senior Management and/or Managers
Most senior managers do not have extensive sales training background or the time to learn. Frank works closely and personally with this group to “Talk his Talk,” as so many have asked for this program in the past. Once this is completed, the senior manager can delegate several key staff members to work with Frank directly. This two- pronged approach allows a check and balance system for accountability to sales associates who are given those principles from the High Performance program to apply in their daily work.

The Designated Selling Associate Seminar
The Designated Selling Associate (DSA) that has been selected to be the ‘partner’ with a particular manufacturer benefits from participating in high performance sales training. Emphasis is placed on being the vendors representative and in-store ‘trainer’ to his associates about the brand and its important features. When you have your DSAs visiting your headquarters, let The Schipani Group help them to be better at what they already do well!