Counseling and Consulting Services

Dress for Success Edge for Executives:
This workshop takes the fundamentals of dressing appropriately for all occasions, from the office to the golf course, and adds extensive product and how-to-dress knowledge for the requirements of these vital times in which we live and work. More than ever the axiom applies: “There is no such thing as a second impression.”

Outplacement Companies
Job seekers can be refreshed with not only dress-for-the-job apparel, but equally important are grooming and looking healthier than competing applicants. Hair style, eyeglasses, and accessories can really set an authoritative, modern and most importantly, a vital image to the prospective interviewer. Assuming the person has the job requirements, the difference will be made in how he represents himself and how he looks. Frank says, “look the part to get the part.”

College Fashion Majors
Frank has counseled numerous college students from across the nation on career planning for the apparel industry. He meets with them at a high fashion showroom in New York City and gives them the real life history and experience of making a career in retail, wholesale, or merchandising and design. Frank has worked with students majoring in fashion from all types of academic institutions, from junior colleges to major universities.